EDIT 2011 School



EDIT2011 is a School of Excellence devoted to young researchers, in the last year of their PhD or to postdocs, seeking to acquire a deeper knowledge on the major aspects of Detectors and Instrumentation Technologies. We will achieve this goal by providing a diversified program that integrates topical academic courses with hands-on laboratories. The practice-oriented approach of the School will be particularly profitable for physicists with limited hardware experience, involved in simulation and data analysis, as they can explore the performance and limitations of the technologies which are used in state-of-the-art experiments. Experts in the fields will support the participants in their learning process, providing continuous guidance. Researchers’ perceptions of Technologies will be extended beyond their immediate circle to a broader view, favoring strong skills in understanding the operation of Detectors and fostering innovative ideas on R&D and data interpretation.

Scientific Programme

EDIT2011 School offers a scientific program constituted by two days of plenary lectures and eight days of theoretical classes interleaved with laboratories courses, for a total of 10 plenary lectures, 19 lectures spread in the topical courses and 36 laboratories. The scientific arguments covered during the school are:

• Calorimetry: from the basic concepts to the energy flow • Detection of scintillation and Cherenkov light from crystals and fibers • From basic to advanced electronics and FPGA programming • Gaseous detectors: present features and future role • Photo-detectors: principles, performance and limitations • Pixels detectors for LHC and for Linear Colliders • Tracking with Si strips and pixel technologies

This document summarizes in details the contents of the topical courses.

Lecturers and Discussion Leaders

More than 100 Professors, among the highest experts in the various fields, participated at EDIT2011; we are indebted to all of them for their exeptional work and dedication.

School evaluation

Note from the School Director after the conclusion of EDIT2011
At the conclusion of EDIT2011 we launched a survey among the participants with the objective of gathering their feedback on the present School and to collect information useful to improve the School for the next EDITions.

We present here the participants , the analysis of their replies to the survey and we give you a touch of the success of the EDIT School via a collection of the most significant comments from the students to their favorite lecture, their opinion on how the School could help them in the future and finally their overall appreciation on the quality of EDIT2011. Thanks to all of them, you were wonderful

International Advisors

S. Bertolucci, CERN - M. Demarteau, FNAL - U. Dosselli, INFN - J. Haba, KEK - J. Mnich, DESY - A. Para, FNAL - E. Ramberg, FNAL - E. Rondio, CERN - F. Sauli, TERA Foundation - G. Wormser, LAL

Local Organizing Committee

Ph. Bloch, M. Capeans, P. Collins, Ph. Fathouat, A. Henriques Correia, C. Joram, P. Lecoq, A. Marchioro, M. Moll, P. Riedler, L. Ropelewski
P. Mage-Granados (School Assistant)
A. Cattai (School Director)

from a student .......... "Thank you very much. It was an excellent course, excellent organization, an excellent opportunity to learn from specialists of excellence and practice with enthusiastic tutors. What I learned at EDIT2011 will be very useful for the development of my career. And most of all it was a very touching experience to share the INTELLECTUAL HONESTY of teachers and tutors.